SISU Timber is the only timber truck on the market that is fully ready to work straight from the factory.


SISU Timber is always designed and manufactured for each individual customer. Rather than treating the chassis and superstructure as separate entities, the vehicle is built with the final purpose in mind throughout the whole process. This approach enables us to meet the needs and wishes of the customer much more accurately and efficiently than by building the vehicle in the traditional way.

When the design has been created with a clear idea of the vehicle’s end use in mind, the structures can be crafted all the way from large subassemblies to smaller details to suit the final purpose. This means in practice stronger, simpler and lighter solutions.

Manufacturing a vehicle that is fully designed in advance makes sense and can be carried out quickly. Subassemblies are manufactured and installed wherever it is most efficient to do so. The end-result is a complete transport solution tailor-made for the customer with no compromises.

SISU grants a full warranty for the whole vehicle as delivered from factory, superstructures included. A vehicle that is ready for use ex-factory, complete with a factory warranty, is a safe and profitable choice for a transport business.


Power train

SISU Timber is powered by a V6 or V8 engine, capable of producing 480–600 hp and 2300–2800 Nm of torque respectively.


Telligent® gearshift offers the best usability of any manual gearshift. With a very short gear selection path, the gearshift can be operated with a slight movement of the hand. Changing gears is easy, simply move the gearstick forwards or backwards and then press the clutch pedal.

PowerShift automated transmission makes for a pleasant driving experience. The fast gearshift of the PowerShift Offroad automated transmission continues to deliver high power during long ascents and when traction is poor.

If automated transmission is not enough, Fuller can help. With unsynchronised manual transmission, a skilled driver can outperform any automated transmission. The legendary Eaton Fuller is making a comeback on Finland’s forest roads in the SISU power train. The Fuller transmission range is by far the widest selection of transmissions available on the market. The lowest gear guarantees that the vehicle can pull away in the forest, and the highest guarantees the most cost-efficient driving on the road with or without a load.



Increased engine power and heavy-duty trailers require the most powerful traction possible, especially in the forest. Similarly, the vehicle needs to be agile on narrow forest roads, and run cost-efficiently on main roads.


Equipped with a hydraulic lift and drive disconnect, the bogie developed by SISU, meets these rigorous requirements in one vehicle. The hydraulic lift is integrated into the chassis structures, so it is stable and provides very powerful lift. If necessary, the bogie can be lifted when loaded. An unloaded vehicle can be driven with the rearmost drive axle lifted and drive disconnected. This gives it the agility of a traditional bogie lift truck, but with a smoother ride, fewer moving parts and naturally, better cost efficiency.



SISU’s legendary bogie lift solution is available on vehicles of up to 550 hp. The springs (trapezoid or parabolic) located above the axle and the separate hydraulic cylinders located outside the frame and connected to ingenious lifting linkage guarantee powerful lift even with a full load.


In addition, the sturdy structure makes driving an unloaded vehicle stable. If necessary, the vehicle can be equipped with a friction drive unit for extra traction power.


Technical information

FrameSISU high C-profile C-460 frame
Day cab
Sleeper cab
Sleeper cab, high roof
Mercedes-Benz OM501LA, V6power 350 kW – 480 hptorque 2300 Nm
Mercedes-Benz OM502LA, V8power 405 kW – 550 hptorque 2600 Nm
Mercedes-Benz OM501LA, V8power 440 kW – 600 hptorque 2800 Nm
Mercedes PowerShift G280-16unsynchronised fully-automated transmission
Mercedes Telligent G240-16
synchronised transmission
clutch pedal-operated Telligent gear change
Eaton Fuller RTLO 20918unsynchronised manual transmission
Steering systemMechanical-hydraulic, number of axles adapted in relation to size of chassis and location of steering axles. 
Suspension systemSteel, trapezoid or parabolic-type leaf springs, and compressed air suspension on some of the axles, several different alternatives.
Factory-fitted superstructures specially developed for SISU Timber based on customer needs and wishes providing the opportunity to select all the latest accessories for timber trucks. Furthermore, many accessories have a number of alternatives regarding structure, material, etc. In the structures and their tailoring, efforts have been made to create an end-product that is as fit-for purpose as possible.
Heavy-duty axles developed for the most demanding conditions. Our wide axle range provides the opportunity to select the axle combinations and transmissions that best suit each type of vehicle. Load capacity on front axles 9–10 tonnes, and 19–22 tonnes in the bogies. Brakes electronically controlled pneumatic brakes, disc brakes on the front axles, drum brakes on the rear axles. 

Contact information

Oy Sisu Auto Ab

P.O. Box 68

FI-10301 Karjaa


Street Address

Tammisaarentie 45

Karjaa, Finland

Tel. +358 10 2751

Fax +358 19 236 044